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Projects - LoCPro II - Support and Promotion of Local Products and SMEs through ICT

Research Areas: Knowledge Management
Programme: European Territorial Cooperation Programme GREECE-ITALY 2007-2013
Duration: 1/9/2011 - 30/9/2013 (24 months)


LOC PRO II project is the continuation of the successful LOC PRO I project which was completed under the INTERREG IIIA program. LOC PRO II bases its actions on an already existing technological platform-created under LOC PRO I-in order to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the entrepreneurs and companies producing local, typical, quality products and operate in the primary sector. The previously gained cross-border experience and the network of companies that have participated in the former project will serve as the basis to expand LOC.PRO.II in a greater and broader entrepreneurial base, serving thus the needs of more small and medium sized enterprises and increasing both the depth of intervention in the respective geographical areas as well as producing long-term, sustainable results for the SMEs. LOC PRO II focuses in the provinces of Bari and Brindisi part of Apulia and on the former prefectures of Achaia, Lefkada and Corfu part respectively of Western Greece and Ionian Islands regions.All territories are part of the main programme area and characterised by a significant, although shrinking and in need of assistance, primary economic sector.

Furthermore, LOC PRO II centres its actions on the creation of an ICT platform (a series of interconnected portals, websites, and also a distance learning solution), which will serve to network the businesses of local products and provide them with an enhanced outlet through which they will be able to sell their products online, collaborate between them, have access to market studies and reports, have access to suppliers online etc. This platform will be supplanted by a series of peripheral activities that look into the promotion of the SMEs and their products, the training and market intelligence support of the entrepreneurs as well as the cross-border networking of the entrepreneurs

The emphasis will be given in the sustainable development of the platform so that even after the end of the project SMEs in the project areas will have the ability to stay connected with each other but most importantly continue using the developed, by the partners, project tools. Also, the location of the activities is equally shared by all partners in their respective areas and for their respective local products. Finally, cross-border cooperation between the partners has already begun, through the joint development of the project proposal and will continue on to the joint development and as much as possible joint implementation of the different actions and deliverables. The management competences of the Lead Partner will foster coadjuvancy between the partners in such a way that all partners participate in an integrative management framework, in order for the various actions to be implemented and sustained in the optimum way.

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