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Projects - Intelligent Agents in Virtual Learning Environments

Programme: Program Hrakleitos
Duration: 2003-2006 (36 months)


The main objectives of this project was the analysis, study and the provision of a behavior modeling procedure of the intelligent agents and the students in virtual e-learning systems using computational intelligence techniques. The domain of the project was a topic of basic research with a large scale of applied results. The basis of the research was focused in two main sectors:
1. Adaptive behavior modeling of intelligent agents in virtual learning systems, according to specific optimization rules of the learning process during the interaction of the user/student with the e-learning environment.
2. User modeling of the users of virtual learning environments towards the optimization of the learning process. For the modeling procedure of the behavior of intelligent agents and of the users specific computational intelligence techniques have been applied (Bayesian Networks, Genetic και Evolutionary Algorithms).
The specific techniques provide intelligence to the system and the most important the feature of adaptability. The aforementioned results have been evaluated on Intelligent Virtual Learning Systems, which constitute the medium for the inference of the results and the mean for supportive material for the measurable behavior of the intelligent agents and of the users in Intelligent Virtual Learning Systems.

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