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Projects - Design of an integrated and Operational Plan for the Reconstruction of the Municipality of Patras and all of the Legal Entities

Research Areas: Knowledge Management
Programme: Local government Development Programme - Programme THESEUS
Duration: 01/10/2007-30/02/2009 (16 months)


This study aims in the design of an integrated realistic strategic and operational reconstruction plan for the Municipality of Patras for the middle-macroterm period (2007-2016) in order to make him meet the requirements of its modern role as a scheduling and developmental factor of the area having as higher purpose:

  1. The development of the local deployment, the upgrade of the physical structured local environment and the enhancement of the residents' prosperity
  2. The development of the internal deployment, the enhancement of the efficiency, the effectiveness, the vitability, the transparency and the legality of its function.

This strategic plan firstly studies in detail the existing administrative organization and function, the human deposit, the available infrastructures and the supplied services, and thet it evaluates the existing drawbacks kai possibilities that have been formed in the internal and external environment of the municipality and the cooperative carriers. On paraller, there will be conducted some research for the needs of the citizens of Patras kai for their satisfaction concerning the quality of the provided servises having as purpose the recording of their needs if we consider them as the consumers of the provided services and as active citizens who participate in the organization and the function of the municipality as a political and social institution. A secondary goal is to express the visions of the Municipality's counsil, the municipality's principle, the municipality's services and citizens and it will impress their general purposes, their goals, their social needs which are to be fulfilled plus their politics, their values and and their philosophy of function the municipality. It will constitute the basic guidance framework for the action of the municipality's services.



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