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People - Christoforos Papasavvas

Christoforos Papasavvas, MSc Candidate

University of Edimburg
Flat 8, Portsburgh Court 56 Lady Lawson Street EH3 9DH, Edimburg

Short CV

     Papasavvas Christoforos comes from Limassol, Cyprus. He is about to obtain his Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics and currently working on his thesis with title: “Construction of a human PPI network and detection of protein complexes”. It’s considered an essential problem in Bioinformatics and the techniques used come from the area of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is very interested in the applications of Informatics in other disciplines, especially in Life Sciences, thus he’s looking forward to starting his postgraduate studies in Neuroinformatics.



  • 2011-now. School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, MSc in Cognitive Science (in progress), with specialism in Neural Computation & Neuroinformatics. Courses included: Neural Computation, Probabilistic Modelling & Reasoning, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Neural Information Processing
  • 2010-now. Member of the Pattern Recognition Laboratory, University of Patras. Director: Prof. Spiridon D. Likothanassis. Participating in the research activities of the laboratory
  • 2006 - 2011. Computer Engineering & Informatics Department, School of Engineering, University of Patras. Diploma in Computer Engineering & Informatics (5-year undergraduate study). Degree grade: Very Good - 7.87. Diploma Thesis: “Construction of human PPI network and detection of protein complexes”. Supervisor: Prof. Spiridon D. Likothanassis

Knowledge - Skills

  • Experienced in:
    Object oriented programming using Java, applying machine learning algorithms with Weka, statistical analysis using SPSS Statistics, publishing using LaTeX, developing databases using MySQL, simulating neural activity with Neuron.
  •  Very experienced in: Parallel and distributed computing using C/C++, scientific computing and pattern recognition using Matlab, logic programming using Prolog and Lisp.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Nature Inspired Computing
    Data Mining & Machine Learning
    Neuroinformatics & Computational Neuroscience
    Cognitive Science

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