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People - Beligiannis Grigorios

Beligiannis Grigorios, Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises, University of Western Greece

Short CV

     Grigorios Beligiannis was born in 1974 in Athens, Greece. He graduated fron the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras in 1997. He finished his Masters on "Computer Engineering and Technology" in 2000 and his Phd on 2002 in the same department. From 2007, he is a lecturer on the Departmemt of Business Administation of Food and Agricultural Enterprises. His knowledge area is Intelligent Information Systems.


  • Diploma of Computer Engineering and Informatics, Department of Computer Engineeering and Informatics, University of Patras, 1997.
  • MSc in  "Computer Science and Computer Technology", Department of Computer Engineeering and Informatics, University of Patras, 2000.
  • PhD in "Evolutionary Systems for Digital Signal Processing of Stohastic Signals", Department of Computer Engineeering and Informatics, University of Patras, 2002.

Academic Titles and Didactic Experience

Lecturer in the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises of the University of Ioannina (University of Agrinio) «Information Administration Systems»
Teaching the Lessons:
1. Introduction in Information Systems
2. Information Administration Systems
3. Industrial Research
4. Decision Theory
5. Systems of Industrial Intelligence
6. Development of Information Systems Ι
7. Development of Information Systems ΙΙ

Work Experience

AUG’03 - ΝΟΕ΄03
Participation in the research program "ARCHIMEDES (INNACT-RWG-2002-2003): United Environment for the support, promotion and projection of the innovation in West Greece", (Funding: Region West Greece).
1. Collection of technical specifications for the design and implementation of the "Gate of the innovation for the Region of West Greece".

Participation as a postdoc researcher in the program of basic research "HERACLEITUS: Research scholarships with priority in basic research", entitled "Intelligent agents in Virtual Learning enironments" (Funding: European Social Fund - EPEAEK II).
1. Review of the bibliography, categorization and compare of intelligent agents' models, and users. Report writing.
2. Choice of efficient models. Adaptation and simulation. Evaluation of output in IVLS. Writing Report with results.

Participation as basic postdoc researcher in the program of basic researcher "PYTHAGORAS: Aid of Researching Teams in the Universities" entitled «Design, Development and Implementation of intelligent Hybrid Algorithms in real-time problems (Biosignals, Telecommunications, Medical Diagnosis, Intelligent Teaching Systems)» (Funding: European Social Fund - EPEAEK II).
1. Bibliographic search of the existing projects that are cited in the technologies of the experiencedly systems, of the fuzzy systems, of the Artificial Neural Networks and the genetic algorithms, and hybrid algorithms made as combinations of two of more technologies cited above. Writing Report.
2. Extensive comparative study of existing intelligent systems that are implemented in real tiem problems. Analytic study report with the results.
3. Design, development and optimization of advanced intelligent hybrid models, algorithms and methods.

JUN’05 - DEC’05
Contract with the Hellenic Open University in the project "Aid in the Study of Informatics".
1. Contemporary and asychronous teaching with the use of e-learning (Centra, websphere, moodle, κλπ) in the postgraduate program «Information Systems».
2. Development of projects self-assessment and activities for teaching.
3. Development of writing projects for teaching.
4. Planning of models (growth of material and model conduct).

Knowledge - Skills

  • Artificial Intelligence - Computational Intelligence - Machine Learning.
  • Artificial Neural Networks - Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithms - Genetic Programming - Evolution Strategies.
  • Decision Support Theory - Pattern Recognition.
  • Design and Development of Information Systems - Intelligent Information Systems.
  • Applications of Hybrid Intelligent Information Systems for modeling real-world timeseries belonging to linear and non-linear systems (bio-signals, financial data, data for simulation and modelling of agricultural applications, data for user/student modeling, etc.)
  • Design and Development of Hybrid Intelligent Algorithms for solving timetabling and scheduling problems.

Developement of software applications

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