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<p>A new knowledge base including experimental and computationally predicted Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) scored using a novel hybrid methodology which combines Evolutionary Algorithms and Extended Kalman Filters.</p> <p> </p>
Latest Release: 2.00 (30/11/2011)
IRaaS (Interface Relaxation as a Service) is a cloud-based PSE implementing the interface relaxation methodology. It engages a  parallel IR implementation, where a geometric (GEO) contraction based IR method was implemented along with FEniCS and RabbitMQ (a message-oriented communication middleware). In that approach, the virtualization method (virtual machines (VMs) with predefined memory, network and processors) was used. In the proposed cloud application, the actual process for solving multidomain/multiphysics problems is conducted in the cloud infrastructure. In addition, in order to take into account the diversity of the subproblems for a given problem, the proposed application manages to calculate and provide optimal VMs according to the available resources, the size of the global problem and the size of its subproblems. Finally, the application can be accessed by its users following the SaaS paradigm and providing a user-friendly web-based graphical interface that can be used by most of today’s devices.
Latest Release: 3.00 (16/06/2015)
<p>A novel tool for the computational prediction of miRNA genes and the computation of structural, sequential and thermodynamic features of small non-coding RNAs.</p>
Application web page:
Latest Release: 2.00 (01/06/2013)
A web tool for the solution of various timescheduling problems using evolutionary algorithms.  
Latest Release: 1.00 (09/02/2010)
PAUSANIAS is a knowledge management system for cultural heritage.  
Research Areas: Knowledge Management,
Latest Release: 2.00 (22/02/2008)
<p>The EVMATHEIA platform aims to the provision of personalized learning adapted to student’s receptivity. Its main target is to deliver knowledge, through a web platform, to individuals based on their interactions with the system, reducing the interference of the tutor and the collaboration with other students. System’s key characteristic is the identification of student’s learning style providing educational content aiming to a faster study and easier learning. Furthermore, it provides a mechanism detecting student knowledge's weakness through intelligent evaluation of self-assessment questionnaires and stimulates him/her to study specific additional material. </p>
Research Areas: Knowledge Management,
Application web page:
Latest Release: 1.00 (31/03/2015)


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